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About A.P.

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      AP's singles "Unfaithfully" and "Tomorrow Walked Right Out the Door"  both rose to the Top 10 in Americana/Roots/Country charts!               


I’ve been writing songs in fits and starts for a number of years. I began getting serious about three years ago and tried an eclectic mix of country music, which became the CD “The Rebel in Us.” Dave Moody of Lamon Records (Nashville) put it on his label.


The style was a starting point. But, I wanted to find a sound that was right for me. So, I wrote more songs and chose six to send to Lamon Records. We decided to return to the studio (Nashville) and recorded. These songs were a statement of personal experiences and were perfect for the country/rock/Americana style I had intended for them. The result, “Honest Wear” was finally giving me the sense that my songwriting was beginning to say what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.  


I returned to New Jersey and continued to hone my songwriting and could feel things fall into place. I consider Country/Americana to be “Home Sweet Home” and, for me, it is noticeable in my new release “Rainmakers.”  (Available May 2016)


But, this home I’ve found isn’t one where I choose to hang a hat, kick up my boots and watch the world pass by. It’s a gathering place, a stop along the way to prepare for the next musical venture that leads to the next home, and then the next.


Maybe songwriters are nomads at heart. That’s okay with me as long as there are others to enjoy the music along the way.     



A.P.'s CDs "The Rebel in Us" and "Honest Wear" and "Rainmakers" are distributed by Lamon Records, Nashville.  For more information, contact 615.379.2121 or visit the website at

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"... it sounds like country-tea Bruce Springsteen, ... it fuses a Mellencamp vein...a Steve Earle spike..." 


"...AP does a brilliant turnaround into his closing tune “Imagine That.” This is quite the masterpiece... It’s one of those songs that songwriters call “once in a lifetime” tracks."


"...AP provides the message in his lyric with sincerity and power."


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